Sé-em Scrunchie in Earthtones
Sé-em Scrunchie in Earthtones

Sé-em Scrunchie in Earthtones

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Scrunchie made from leftover fabrics of superior and very fine quality, from luxury fashion houses.

Brand: Sé-em
When Charlotte realized leftover pieces of fabric at major fashion houses represent a colossal amount of waste, she decided to design her own brand based on circular economy and zero-waste ethics, which makes use of these ignored or forgotten noble materials. Charlotte’s creations are designed in Belgium, where she was born and where she lives. The production takes place in Lebanon, her father’s country of origin, a country that benefits from ancestral craftsmanship excellence.

What you should know: 
- The fabrics are from luxury fashion houses. 
- Buttons and cotton ribbons are produced because we want them to be personalized. The buttons are made with vegan ivory. Vegan ivory is made from nuts, which fall from the trees, so there is no impact on the environment.
- With the scraps of her own creations Charlotte uses them to create decorative objects: the large pieces of fabric become cushions or placemats while the small ones are used to stuff them or to create scrunchies.